First post

At last a real bit of interactivity for the Old Bostonian Association web presence.

This blog doesn’t replace the Old Bostonian Association web site, in fact it can be considered to be an extension to it. From time to time I’ll post news here of what’s happening on the web site so by following what happens here on an RSS reader or by email (see the right hand side of this page), you can quickly see what’s happening on the main web site.

I’ll also post anything I think of that might be of interest to you ex-BGS folks and I’ll look forward to reading your comments on what I write. Hopefully we can get some lively discussion going.

There are already other forums for discussion on BGS topics. There are several BGS-related groups on Facebook, including Boston Grammar School Alumni. There’s also the Boston Grammar School Alumni group on LinkedIn. And let’s not forget the original BGS List on Yahoo!Groups. If you know of any more, why not add a comment below?

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