1991 Athletics

Boston Grammar School Sixth Form Sports Day 1991

When I set up the OBA Wiki project I intended to post at least one article a day. That was a resolution that was bound to be broken occasionally, and so it has been. It has been a few days since I posted a new article, but then in that time I set up this blog, so I can forgive myself.

I like the medium of a Wiki. Not only can many people contribute (and you are welcome to contribute to it) but you can get lost and when you start off intending to contribute an article on one subject, you can end up writing something on a totally different subject, or contributing small corrections or updates to many different articles. Whatever you do, it’s all good, it’s all progress.
Well today, at last, I’ve added a couple more articles on the subject of 1991 athletics. They don’t really deserve the name “article”, but they are a couple of fine, informal photographs, contributed in 2002 (and one of them never before published on the OBA web site) of BGS athletes from 1991. The new articles are:

Other recent new articles on the Wiki have included Arthur Shrimpton’s Leaving Photograph and the 6S2 Football Team 1991. You can see I am working on the 1990s at the moment, but a typical diversion was the article about Jack Birbeck, who was a Lancaster bomb aimer and POW in Stalag Luft III, the site of “The Great Escape”.

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