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I’ve been adding some more articles to the OBA Wiki. This time I started off with some photos I took of school buildings in the 1990s.

Science Blocks

This article goes through the three specially-built science blocks at the school. The section on the second one, built in the 1950s is reasonably long, but the sections on the other two, and in particular the latest one, built in 2002, are a bit sketchy. If you have anything to add, and particularly a photo of the latest science block, that would be great.

Big School

This is an attempt to start an article about the “big school” or school library. Since the building is 445 years old, there should be a lot to tell, and this really is just a starting point.

Fives Court

Fives Court

This is one building not everyone will know much about (in fact I don’t know much about it). It has been demolished now and the new science block is partly on its site.

Number One South End

Number One South End

I’m cheating here, because the article has been there for some time, but I have added a bit to it. It was once the headmaster’s house, and has been used as sixth form classrooms and masters’ accommodation. Now it’s nothing to do with the school, it’s the smart 19th century house (now flats once again) near the South End entrance to the school yard.

As always, I drifted away from my main aim and this time wrote a brief article about Frederick Ralph Bozeat, a former student of BGS who designed the school’s 1950s science block, now demolished.
I hope you enjoy these new articles and please correct or add to them if you wish.

3 thoughts on “Buildings

  1. Hi Tim, yes, I've just found that "The old fives court was converted into a CCF armoury in 1956, when the War Office took over the building on lease at a peppercorn rental, and agreed to fund necessary alterations and to pay for periodic maintenance." Thank you.

  2. Indeed it was the CCF armoury, I spent many hours in there, also inside the double doors was our 25lb Field Gun which we would wheel out occasionaly.

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