Letter from the President

For this blog entry, I will hand over to Peter Sharman, President of the Old Bostonian Association. This formed part of his “Letter from the President” in the recent copy of The Old Bostonian magazine. The news that Peter describes has its negative side but please bear with it; it’s not all doom and gloom, and we really could do with your ideas. It’s easy to leave a comment below this post, or any other on the blog where you can think of something the Old Bostonian Association could do for you, or something you could do for it!

The last year has not been an easy one for the Old Bostonian Association. The Social sub-committee have worked exceptionally hard but with very little support from Members. We held a highly successful Charity Ball last year raising over £3000, which was equally shared between School Funds and St Barnabas Hospice. We then embarked on arranging a follow up this year and were very confident of having another sell out. Unfortunately this was not the case and after selling only around 85 tickets we reluctantly had to call it off thus depriving The School and this year’s charity, Linkage Community Trust, of valuable funds.

An outing to the Shakespeare Theatre at Stamford and a Tour of the Wolds were also cancelled for similar reasons. The Social sub-committee have now decided there is very little point in trying to arrange further events and have resigned en-masse although they have all, thankfully, agreed to stay on the main Committee. We do realise that many of you would like to show your support but for either health, geographical or other reasons find it impossible.

Perhaps you, the Members, have some ideas on how we can best take the Association forward. It does seem increasingly difficult to attract new members. I personally think this may be due to Social Media. It is now so easy to keep in touch through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Peter Sharman, President of the Old Bostonian Association

It is worth mentioning that this does not affect the OBA Annual Dinner, OBA v BGS Snooker or OBA v BGS Quiz, which have all been successful events in the past and will continue to be held. See the OBA Diary for more details.

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