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I have a wide range range of interests and some knowledge in a lot of areas, but we all have to have our limitations. One thing that doesn’t interest me much at all, and therefore an area I know relatively little about (certainly compared to many of the people around me) is football.

The only professional football match I have attended was when Boston United met Harrow and Wealdstone in the 1985 final of the FA Trophy at Wembley and came second. I was only mildly interested in the match but to someone who was, at the time, living in Portsmouth, wandering around the outside of the stadium before the match was like being in Boston market place on a Saturday – so many people I vaguely recognised, and a few I actually knew. Yes, Boston even had more supporters than Harrow and Wealdstone, a team based just down the road from Wembley, but even the total support of the two teams rattled around in the old Wembley stadium.

Mick Lyon
Micky Nuttell

Richard Pell

I admit that this lack of enthusiasm for football can be a social handicap, though I can bluff my way through conversations to some extent. It is more of a problem in my role as web master for the Old Bostonian Association. Boston Grammar School seems to have generated quite a large contingent of present and past footballers at some level or another, and frankly I need help to even list them, much less to follow their exploits.

Here are just a few ex-BGS footballers that come to mind:

Apart from these notables, there’s all the football activity at BGS itself. The OBA Wiki already includes many photos that bear witness.

Your input would be very welcome to help me identify and follow BGS old boy footballers. Maybe you can write articles about them on the OBA Wiki or if not, then just send me information about them or links to where I can find it. Thank you.

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  1. In my time at BGS (1947-53), we had few people go to Oxbridge, but I remember the headmaster LT Waddams announcing at morning assembly that the school had a player in each side for the Oxford-Cambridge soccer match. One was Mike Pinner in goal for Oxford, I think, and the other was W.J, Smith who was on the left wing for Cambridge – or it might have been the other way round – Pinner for Cam. and Smith for Oxford!

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