2013 School League Tables

The Lincolnshire secondary school league tables have been published.

Boston Grammar School and Boston High School seem to have faired quite well, with the High School slightly in front.

SCHOOL NAME Number of pupils eligible for GCSEs % of pupils achieving 5+ A*-C, inc. English and Maths Rank within local authority for pupils getting five Cs at GCSE Average GCSE points score per pupil % of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate A-Level points score per student A-level points score per exam entry Rank within local authority, according to A-level points score
Boston Grammar School 82 96% 9 525.5 37% 765.8 193.1 20
Boston High School 71 100% 2 588.5 25% 778.2 214.5 18

Full details of the league table can be found on on this link.

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