Chris Phillips’ Adventure

In Sept 2006 Chris Phillips’, former BGS staff member, set off on a four month journey around the world to meet up with many of his Internet friends. In 2012 he published the story of all those meetings and the places he saw. His book “Around the World in 128 Days Minus 1” will shortly be available for the Kindle.

At present the printed version of the book is available from five shops in Scarborough, and from Chris himself. If you would like a printed copy, then send direct orders to Chris (email first The price will be £11.99 + Postage – £10.50 P+ Postage if you’re a Facebook friend of Chris’). Chris will sign printed copies at no extra charge on request.

There’s no definite date yet for availability of the Kindle version. The eBook price will be £3.99.

The Scarborough shops where the book is available are:
  • Deepdale, Computer services Ltd, 33a Scalby Road;
  • Stephen Joseph Theatre Bookshop, Opposite The Railway Station;
  • The book Emporium, 2 Queen street
  • Nomads cafe, Eastborough,
  • The Bookshelf, Victoria Road

Chris Phillips, an Englishman, decides to emulate Phileas Fogg by travelling right round the world. Unlike Phileas, however, Chris is not attempting a world speed record, but simply has a desire to meet numerous friends in far off places who have become good friends over a 6 year period of cyber connections on the World Wide Web via such great service providers as Yahoo and Zorpia. Also unlike Phileas, Chris is not accompanied by anyone, except by the 30 or so interesting friends of all ages whom he meets up with in their countries.

Excitements abound: failure of mobile phones, getting lost in the middle of the night, crashing through Yukon’s unexplored undergrowth, being knocked out on a bus, 3 day train journeys, sleeping in cars, airports and under the stars, mystifying boat journey under great waterfalls, close encounters with deadly snakes, spiders, cockroaches, and 3 creepy scorpions descending a bare arm, stroking of a koala and the adorable Quokka, and ravenous birds eating out of his hand. Meeting Alice in wonderland was rather reflective, and he finds a way to rock around.

Not all the incidents in this story are hair raising; some are funny, and a few sad, but all are imprinted on Chris’s mind for ever. Now you, the reader, can share some of the adventures.

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