Quentin Lockwood – Obituary

William Quentin Lockwood (BGS 1940-45)

Quentin Lockwood died on 5 March 2013, aged 80. He was the son of BGS science teacher, Joseph Whiteley “Laddie” Lockwood (BGS 1924-67).
Quentin was accepted at the Naval College Dartmouth at the age of 13. His career in the Royal Navy saw him rise to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, having served in various parts of the world including Korea and in the Suez Canal area as Captain of a minesweeper and other of Her Majesty’s ships.
On leaving the navy he joined his brother-in-law in farming, as farm secretary. Leaving the farm he took the position of manager of a tea blending company in London where he remained until his retirement.
In retirement Quentin was involved in two bridge clubs, The Prayer Book Society, The Boston Millennium Probus Club, Spalding Gentlemen’s Society, and he served on Bicker Parish Council.
Quentin’s funeral took place at 2:30 pm on Thursday 14 March 2013 at Bicker parish church followed by interment in Bicker Cemetery. At Quentin’s request the funeral was taken by Tim Ellis, suffragan Bishop of Grantham.

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