A message from Mick Lyon

You can find the following message from Mick Lyon, here. Mick, who was educated at Boston Grammar School and played for Boston United, was until recently coach for women’s “soccer” at Indiana University and the University of Evansville.

Cutters Soccer Club Golf Outing

I have just recently retired from coaching women’s college soccer at IU and the University of Evansville for the last 25 years and am now in a position where I want to work and give back to the local soccer community of Bloomington; the Cutters Soccer Club. Soccer coaching and playing has been and still is a huge part of my life but I realize it didn’t just happen over night. Everything has a beginning and Cutters Soccer Club is where the start of a magical experience can begin for these youngsters. Please help me raise money so that these kids can get the greatest opportunity possible from this wonderful game of soccer. Cheers.

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