Simon Ashberry – Feature

If you raise your head above the parapet you get tracked down. Simon Ashberry added details to the Old Bostonian Alumni Group on Facebook about John McDermott: It’s Not All Black & White, the autobiography of Grimsby Town’s John McDermott, which Simon has co-authored.

It’s great to see people contributing to discussion on all of the OBA-related places around the web, but when someone writes something that needs a bit of research to work out (Simon didn’t mention that he is co-author of the book), one thing leads to another and I tend to find out more about that person than I already knew.

In this case I found that Simon has been involved with Bradford Community Broadcasting for a long time and presents a regular programme. You can even listen to his shows on the web site.

Simon previously wrote Come and Sit with Us: A History of Boston Town 1964 to 2004 which is pretty self-explanatory. He is also webmaster of the Boston Town FC website.

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