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Richard O Smith will be the guest speaker at the Old Bostonian Association Annual Dinner, 2014. I previously
cobbled together a biography. Thanks to Richard I can now do a slightly better job of it.

Richard was at Boston Grammar School 1975-1982. According to Richard, he “was at BGS for 7 years, though I didn’t ever pass any exams! Got told by a teacher ‘thinking up jokes isn’t going to get you anywhere in life, Smith!’. True, although it did get me a writing job on Dara O’Briain’s last BBC2 series!”.

He grew up in Freiston, and started his writing career as Freiston and Butterwick correspondent for The Standard, before setting up the Boston United Fanzine From Behind Your Fences. He was named as National Football Writer of the Year as a result of his work on this publication, which led him to work with The Independent and When Saturday Comes.

Richard writes for BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show, The News Quiz and BBC2’s Dara O’Briain’s Science Club.

He has had several books published, including Oxford Student Pranks (praised by Dr Lucy Worsley as “I was expecting the book to be a jape-filled jamboree of jollity, but it turned out to be full of sex and violence as well”) and Britain’s Most Eccentric Sports (described by Dr Phil Hammond as “very, very funny” and acknowledged by Henning Wehn as “better than all 26 days of one of your English cricket matches”).

Richard is a Chortle Comedy Award Winner, a former National Football Writer of the Year, and pens the popular “Oxford Examined” column for the Oxford Times. He is the appointed Writer in Residence at the Daffodil Hotel, Grasmere, in the Lake District and co-scriptwriter of the movie Foosball, directed by Academy Award winner Juan José Campanella.

His next book will be As Thick As Thieves, subtitled “Foolish Felons and Loopy Laws”.

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