Can we help find this couple?

This almost certainly has nothing to do with Boston Grammar School, but I noticed this letter on the Boston Standard web site and I wondered whether any of you can help Jim. This time, please address any responses to Jim directly (telephone number supplied below), since I have no other contact details for him.

I served in the Royal Air Force in Coningsby in 1951-53. My best mate was Kenneth Hawson who I have just discovered married Yvonne Burton in 1955 in Boston. I knew Yvonne, whom we met in a dance hall in Boston (I forget its name). I would dearly like to contact the Hawsons if they are still with us. I am 82 years of age and I live in Glasgow.

Jim Hamilton
Tel: 01415737705

One thought on “Can we help find this couple?

  1. Happily, an OB has been able to contact the wife of a cousin of Yvonne, who was in any case about to send Jim's details to Ken. Jim has been informed and it only remains for Ken to decide whether to make contact. Yvonne has apparently passed away.

    Thank you all; the matter appears to be closed.

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