The Great War – A message from Michael Hallett

Michael Hallett (BGS 2002-2009)

History graduate Michael Hallett has set himself a project to tell the story of the Great War from Boston’s point of view: from the point of view of Bostonians and those who have come to the town more recently. Can you help with his quest?

Hello there, to those that do not know me I am Michael Hallett. I was in BGS from September 2002 to June 2009, where I had my passion for history nurtured by my teachers; I have always loved learning about the past and those affected by it. From secondary school I read Ancient History at University of Wales, Trinity Saint David whereupon I graduated with a 2.1 honours in July 2012. 

After graduation I found it terribly difficult to find secure work. I managed to gain some work as an events coordinator. For 9 months I volunteered as an administrator and events aid at the Butterfly Hospice, I also was a Voluntary Teaching Assistant at Kirton Primary School; where my passion for teaching was honed. I have enjoyed being involved in the local community of Boston, being a member of the Rotary Club enabled me to get more involved. During my time in unemployment I was and still am involved in the local history and historical establishments including Fydell House and the Guildhall.
I now work as a Trainee Manager at Majestic wines in Banbury, Oxfordshire where I currently live. Whilst in unemployment I remember applying for a project coordinator for Nottingham’s Trent to Trenches Project, unfortunately I did not get the position but it made me think, why cannot Boston or even Lincolnshire do such a project? Also why could not I coordinate such a project? I am currently running a project and hopefully soon business wherein I promote history by making it fun and interactive, as well as tying the relevance of local history. History with Hallett goes from strength to strength and not only includes workshops but also basic Latin workshops for children.
So back to the main story, I am now in the process of developing the Boston First World War Centenary Project. My main aims for the project are to remember the events and those that partook in the Great War. I would hope to do this both on a local level whilst connecting to the bigger picture; I feel that the best way to enliven history is to make it fun, interactive, informative and most of all relevant. As a notion I would like to get the perspectives of other nationalities, not just British, including Eastern Europeans. The purpose of the other perspective elements would be to demonstrate the similarities all face in the horror of war. It is still early days in the project but I have managed to make contact with others who share my passion and my mission; however I am always on the lookout for more support. Initially I am planning a schedule of events that would span the week within one of the later summer months of 2014, this will include interactive school visits to deliver workshops, poetry readings, war art, and other such displays. 
As part of the project I would like to investigate the roll of honour within Boston Grammar School, to explore the names and to research their stories alongside the tales of others. The project is a challenging one, working full time I struggle to allot as much time as I would wish to contribute, I am in the process of trying to secure funding also. I feel that at the moment I need support and those wishing to help in any way possible. I feel that although Boston is a small town, it certainly has a big story to tell and the ability to put on an exhibition to rival any other; I aim to bring this to fruition and I invite those willing to join me!
Michael Hallett

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