Richard O Smith – Banbury Literary Live (20/09/2013)

Richard O Smith will talk about UK’s maddest, dangerous and funniest sports at Banbury Literary Live tomorrow
(20 September 2013). He says “there will be jokes”.

Have you heard of gravy wrestling, F1 pram racing, 100m in high heels and dwile flonking? Just some of the weird and bizarre sports uncovered by Richard O. Smith, a writer for Radio 4’s The Now Show. His book, “Britain’s Most Eccentric Sports” reveals the madcap, hilarious and sometimes downright dangerous sports surviving in Britain today. Dr Lucy Worsley described it as a “jape filled jamboree of jollity”. This session may even persuade you to take part in the next cheese rolling, pantomime horse grand national, wife carrying race, extreme ironing or nettle eating event. You could become its next world champion!

Banbury Literary Live

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