What can the OBA website do for you?

There are four parts to the Old Bostonian Association web site. As a current or former student or member of staff of Boston Grammar School you can benefit from any of them whether you are a member of the Old Bostonian Association or not – though it’s great if you are a member, and if you’re not, we’d love you to join.

1 – Old Bostonian Blog

Well, you’re here. You’ve already found the Old Bostonian Blog. You can also find it from the menu on the main site. We post all sorts of stuff here: news, obituaries, weddings, gossip. You can comment on any of the posts and if you have an idea for a post then let us know at webmaster@bostonian.org.uk.
When a new post is added to the blog, a link goes up on both Google+ and on Facebook so it gets published to quite a wide audience. As of 26 September 2013 the Facebook group “Boston Grammar School Alumni” has 476 members!
The blog isn’t even averse to “advertorial” posts. That is, providing there’s a good bit of information, we can advertise something in which you are involved.

2 – Old Bostonian Association main site

The Old Bostonian Association main site can be found by clicking on “Home” on the blog, “OBA main site” in the wiki or “Old Bostonian Association website” in the store. It is the home of the Old Bostonian Association on the web. Here you can find details about the Association, its events diary and useful contacts. You can find out here how to join the OBA. It also provides links to the other parts of the web site, and provides a constant feed of news items from the press relating to BGS, and people like you who have been associated with the school.
If you have been involved in an event that has made the press, then send a link to webmaster@bostonian.org.uk and we’ll get it posted for everyone to see. Also let us know if you see an article which refers to BGS or anyone who has been associated with it – we try to include as many articles as possible but we don’t know everyone and can’t have eyes everywhere.

3 – Old Bostonian store

The Old Bostonian store is an Amazon UK aStore which allows us to index and publicise a whole range of products in which BGS “old boys” have had a hand. You can find it by using the “Store” menu option either on the main site or on the blog.

Currently you will find it packed with books, films, music and computer games but it could include anything that Amazon sells (within reason). All it needs is a link to a BGS “old boy”.

For each sale made through the store, the commission paid by Amazon will go to the Old Bostonian Association which will use it to help achieve its aims, which are:
  1. To promote union and good fellowship amongst the members;
  2. To provide a means whereby Former Students may co-operate with the Boston Grammar School Foundation, School Governors, the Teaching Staff and BGS support organisations in promoting the welfare of the School;
  3. To promote fellowship between Association and School through sporting events and social occasions.

If you have involvement in a product available through Amazon that is not yet on the store then let us know at webmaster@bostonian.org.uk together with an explanation of your involvement and your product will be added to the store.

(Updated 24 January 2016 – Amazon seems to have stopped supporting aStores. The store is still available for now but I can’t update it. I may eventually get round to setting something more custom up, which could mean advertising sales through channels other than Amazon. Let me know what you have to offer, as long as it involves people associated with Boston Grammar School in some way)

    (Updated 11 August 2016 – The new store called “Not the Tuck Shop” has now been available for some time. Full details can be found in another blog post. Alternatively, go straight to Not the Tuck Shop.)

    4 – Old Bostonian Association wiki

    The Old Bostonian Association wiki is the place to find historical information about Boston Grammar School right from its foundation in 1555 to the present day. It’s not just a formal history resource but also a place to rediscover your school friends or teachers, or to share information that only you know. You can find it on the “History” menu option from the main site or the blog.
    There’s always work to be done on the wiki but it is already a great resource for anyone interested in Boston Grammar School, and it’s growing rapidly. But don’t just sit there, you too can help. Get yourself a user account on the wiki and you too could write articles of historical interest.
    The problem with setting up a wiki is that there’s a fine balance between the desire to let everyone contribute and keeping out people who want to contribute irrelevant material (wiki spam). Currently around ten new users join the blog every day but as far as I am aware there are only about four real users on it. By that I mean four people with a real connection to Boston Grammar School. Thanks to a degree of protection, relatively few of the bogus users get to post on the wiki but it can be quite a job deleting the irrelevant material that does get posted.
    This has some knock-on effects. There are some hurdles to cross if you want to be a user. If I remember correctly you will currently be asked to complete a Captcha (one of those annoying “Type what you see” questions), and you will have to provide a valid email address. Once you’re in there are certain things you won’t be allowed to include in pages. Hopefully they won’t prevent you from posting real information but it’s always a risk.
    Also, as a new user, you won’t be able to edit the wiki home page. That shouldn’t be too much of a restriction and in any case I would ask you to make your first edit one to your own home page: “User:yourUserName”, adding something about yourself and your connection with the school. With luck that will allow me to identify you as a legitimate user and welcome you rather than throw you out.
    That brings me to the final possibility, and I apologise about this one before it happens. Because I spend quite a lot of time removing users who post irrelevant material on the wiki there is a small chance that I will delete your account and your first contribution. Please don’t take offence if this happens, just contact us on webmaster@bostonian.org.uk explaining what has happened and your connection with BGS, and I’ll suggest how you can get back on the wiki.
    Whatever you do, have fun and in the words of Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, “Be bold!

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    1. Hi Everyone . I would Like to ask if any of you know David or Christopher Beeby ? They are My long lost Half Brothers ( on my Father`s side )
      I last saw them in 1974-5.
      All I know about them is that they where living in the Boston Area – My older Brother David , rode an old style Honda 90 as I remember.They would now be in their late 50`s early 60`s. Please have a think for me . Thank you .

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