Seeking Boston Grammar School memorabilia

We have recently received a request from a lady looking for information on a relative and Old Boy of Boston Grammar School who was killed in action during WWII. His name was Walter Henry Brunning.
Apparently a piece was written about him in an Old Bostonian magazine dated 14 August 1991.  We do not have a copy of this in the Museum but wondered if you have kept back copies and could supply us with a copy of the article which apparently appeared on page 19.

More generally, if you have any BGS memorabilia which they no longer want it would be great if you could let us have it for the Museum. Current history Master John McHenry has now taken responsibility for the Museum which will in future be of more interest to Old Boys revisiting the Boston.

One thought on “Seeking Boston Grammar School memorabilia

  1. Many thanks to all who responded to this request and in particular John Lines who found the article which has now been passed on to the relative. We have also been offered more memorabilia for the Museum as a result of this request.
    Peter Sharman – President OBA

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