OBA Quiz 2013 – Results

The 2013 OBA Quiz took place on 27 November at the Boston & County Club. The quiz master was Richard Anderson. There was an excellent turn-out, with ten teams taking part, and the atmosphere was very competitive. The results were as follows.

The main quiz results

1st Les Quizerables (OB) 79
2nd Three Cammack Generations + Dan 76.5
3rd Quasimodo and the Repulsions
(Messrs Graham, Rennie, Purvis and partner)
4th The Fray Bentos Four 75
5th Shell’s Bells
(incl. Mrs. Rennie)
6th Porky Beef (OB) 66
7th Past It (OG) 56.5
8th Holme Delight (OB) 53
9th The Kitwoods (OG) 44
10th Brothers-in-Arms
(BGS General Knowledge Club)

Final result

After the buzzer and light finale

1st Three Cammack Generations + Dan 460
2nd Les Quizerables (OB) 400

(OB = BGS “old boys”; OG = BHS “old girls”)

We aren’t sure how the Cammack family will feel about having received an Oldrids voucher as a prize but I’m sure they will survive the experience.

Thank you to all the teams who took part and special thanks go to Richard Anderson for running the quiz.

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