High tide – the aftermath

A message from OBA President, Peter Sharman…

On Thursday night of last week, during the height of the tidal flooding in Boston the water poured over the sea wall opposite the school and flooded the playground to a depth of around two feet. The library, science block, OBA museum, staff room and other areas sustained considerable damage. The flood waters had gone by the time I visited this afternoon but if you look carefully at the photos you will clearly see the height the water reached. Thankfully many items were lifted clear before the flood arrived but nevertheless there is considerable water damage.

Insurance assessors are expected very soon but the school is putting out an appeal for funding to help get students back to normal as quickly as possible. If anyone feels able to help please send cheques payable to OBA and marked clearly on back, “Flood Appeal” to me:

Peter Sharman
6 The Boundary
PE21 7QN

All monies received will be passed on to the school to help repair flood damage. For up to date information please go to:  www.bostongrammarschool.co.uk
Thank you

Since Peter Sharman, the OBA President, announced the above appeal, he has clarified a few points which may not have been pinned down in the heat of the moment. This is a President’s Appeal for funding to get the students of Boston Grammar School back to normal as quickly as possible. We have already raised over a thousand pounds (as of Friday 20 December). All money received will be passed on to Boston Grammar School to be spent on a lasting reminder of the Flood from the Old Bostonian Association. Peter’s intention is to discuss with Paul Marsh, the BGS Principal, what the school would like us to provide and this will then be approved by the Old Bostonian Association.

This decision, once made, will of course be publicised on this blog and by all the other usual channels.

I am in the process of trying to make available an “electronic” way of donating, with the help of Mark Bruntlett, the OBA treasurer. I hope it will be available soon but in the meantime please don’t delay supporting Peter’s appeal by sending your cheques to him as suggested above.

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