Alex Pycock aims to aid flood victims with commerce

Alex’s web site Work Me Out

I should have posted this earlier but the news link has been there on the OBA website for all to see since 9
January or thereabouts.

Alex Pycock, a former student of BGS who is now studying at Loughborough University, has set up an online store selling sports and stationery merchandise to raise funds for those affected by the floods in Boston.

The shop forms part of Alex’s new company, Work Me Out Ltd, which from April will offer personalised fitness plans. Its attached on-line store has been launched early to help those affected by the tidal surge suffered in Boston on December 5.

All profits from sales made at the store until 1 April will be given to flood victims via one of the established funds.

Alex said to the Boston Standard: “I decided to do this because I know many people who were affected by the flood and I just wanted to do my bit to help.

”The online store sells hoodies, t-shirts, stationery and other items. There is also be a charity wristband for sale with the words ‘Boston Flood Victims 2013’ priced £1.

Alex said: “This may be extended as the merchandise isn’t our main purpose as a business, so therefore I am looking at possibly keeping that side of the business as a charity side.

“However it will depend on the success of the store in these early months. If it is hugely successful then I will carry on providing for charity. Although the charity may change, it will always be a local Boston initiative or cause.”

To visit the on-line store go to Work Me Out.

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