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Evil Scarecrow

I usually start discussions here on the blog and move them later to Facebook. However for various reasons the latest hot topic started over on the Boston Grammar School Alumni Facebook group.

There had been a short conversation about the recent report in the Boston Standard that a study showed Boston to one of the least musical places in the country. It’s the usual journalistic simplification so I would suggest at least having a cursory read of the original report before blowing your top.

That discussion prompted me to act on something I had been considering for a long time: to start articles on school bands on the OBA Wiki. You will now already find quite a large and growing selection of bands linked from the Bands Category page of the Wiki, with more being added all the time.

If you have any information about school bands past or present, whether organised by the school (like the BGS Jazz Band), formed by students of the school, or made up mainly of former students of BGS, then please set up an account on the Wiki and start editing. The Wiki uses the Media Wiki framework, just the same as used by Wikipedia, so if you’ve ever edited Wikipedia you already know pretty much what to do.

If you really can’t see yourself editing the Wiki, then please send the information you have to me: but it will probably take longer to appear.

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