Interested in playing cricket or other sports?

Old Bostonian Association Cricket Team 1965

As you should be aware by now, the 2014 football match between the “old boys” and Boston Grammar School will take place on 3 April at the school. See the relevant article for more details if you want to be a spectator – I believe that we now have enough players and officials.

Together with the annual General Knowledge Quiz, ably MC’d by Richard Anderson, and the Snooker Tournament, which, following the death of its previous organiser, Paul Mould, failed to take place in 2013, the football match makes up the group of recently held competitions between the “old boys” and the school.

In the past there were other competitions: cricket, tennis and golf come to mind but there were probably others.

The Old Bostonian Association President, Peter Sharman, tells me that someone has shown an interest in organising a cricket match. There’s no date for it yet, nor even a guarantee that it will happen, but if you might be interested in taking part, please indicate you interest to Peter, either by email ( or via his Facebook account – he is a member of the Boston Grammar School Alumni group at Facebook.

If cricket isn’t your thing, or even if it is, perhaps you could think whether you might be able and willing to organise a competition between the “old boys” (under the name of the Old Bostonian Association, but not necessarily involving only member of the association) and the school. While it can certainly be a sporting, event, it doesn’t have to be. Again, send any suggestions to Peter Sharman, you could add a comment to this post, or if you’re a member of the Facebook group, why not start a discussion there and see if there is interest in your idea.

Just a footnote about the snooker, while, as indicated above, the death of Paul Mould put a spanner in the works of the annual tournament, a new organiser was appointed in 2013 and apart from running out of year, there was another reason for the competition not taking place: Nigel Wainwright was unable to raise a school team. A proposal was made to have a competition between “young” old boys and “more senior” old boys, so if this situation continues, we could be looking for even more snooker players than usual when this year’s competition is being organised.

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