2014 Old Bostonian Association Annual Dinner – report

Back row: Aaron Rymer (BGS student),
Harry Tebbutt (BGS student), Ellis Potter (BGS Head Boy);
Front Row: Catherine Wolfe-Smith (guest speaker’s wife),
Richard O Smith (guest speaker),
Peter Sharman (OBA President)

The 2014 Old Bostonian Association Annual Dinner took place on 22 March at the Boston and County Club. As has become traditional, the evening started with about an hour in the bar, giving time for people to meet old acquaintances and make new ones.

Pete Milsom had brought a photograph of the Boston Borough Council taken in 1964. His father, who was a councillor and in the photograph, had listed most of the names but as was customary at the time, he had noted everyone as “Mr so-and-so”. Pete wanted first names. Even I managed to fill in a couple of them, but Tony Austin provided the majority and I believe most of the rest were filled in by others.

The OBA President, Peter Sharman and I had a bit of a nail-biting time while we awaited the arrival of Richard O Smith (BGS 1975-1982), the guest speaker and his party: his wife Catherine, and Matthew Ledbury (BGS 1980-1985). They did indeed arrive in time and we were very relieved.

It  was good to see current BGS staff member, Richard Anderson at the dinner, together with his former colleagues, Ron Abbott, Rod Dunn and Nick Fitton.

OBA President, Peter Sharman

The Boston and County Club as usual came up with a very pleasant meal which was efficiently served. After coffee, Peter Sharman proposed the toast to The Queen, and we had a short break for refilling glasses.

Guest speaker, Richard O Smith
getting animated

Next came the speech by guest speaker, Richard O Smith. Richard was very entertaining, speaking about his lack of academic achievement at school, moving on to working in a pet shop, and then to writing obituaries for The Boston Standard, and on to his current work, writing books and script writing for radio and TV. Although he continued to speak for well over his allotted time, most people who expressed an opinion to me said they could have happily listened for longer. As is customary, Richard finished with a toast to The School.

BGS Head Boy, Ellis Potter

The response on behalf of the school is usually provided by a member of staff but this year it was ably handled by Head Boy, Ellis Potter. He spoke of the challenges of the year, including the flood of December 2013 and finished off with the traditional toast to The Old Bostonian Association.

There were 52 people present at the dinner. Unfortunately Bill Olle, who had also booked a ticket, was not able to be present due to last-minute family commitments.

Ron Abbott Viv Hammond Colin Pickwell
Richard Anderson Andrew Hladun Ellis Potter
Jill Austin Lee Hoff Reg Preistley
Tony Austin James Hopper Peter Rawlings
Mark Bruntlett Derek Howard Aaron Rymer
Ian Carrott Stuart Hunt Peter Sharman 
Colin Clark Luke Johnston Don Sharpe
Colin Cumberworth Andy Lawrence Catherine Smith
George Danby Stan Lawrence Bill Stanwell
Pearl Danby Matthew Ledbury Bob Stanwell
Rod Dunn Mark Locking Harry Tebbutt
Jim Ely David May Paul Timby
Ben Evans Simon Meeds Pat Walters    
Ian Fisher Stan Meeds Pat Welberry
Nick Fitton Pete Milsom Roger Welberry
Gus Goor Sue Milsom Adam Woods
James Greenfield Richard O Smith
Chris Hammond Trevor Page

Catherine Wolfe-Smith (guest speaker’s wife), Aaron Rymer (BGS student),
Harry Tebbutt (BGS student), Peter Sharman (OBA President),
Ellis Potter (BGS Head Boy), Richard O Smith (guest speaker)
I’m not sure of the relevance of the t-shirt
Ron Abbott listening intently
to Nick Fitton
Rod Dunn at the centre of the action
Nick Fitton
Chris Hammond (BGS 1961-67)
brought his old school tie,
scarf and cap!
Guest speaker, Richard O Smith
and his wife, Catherine

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