Old Bostonian Association Annual Dinner 2015

The preliminary announcement of the 2015 annual dinner has been made today. The guest speaker will be Richard Anderson (BGS staff 1971-2014). This is the old Bostonian Association’s way of marking the retirement of this long-serving and widely admired member of staff.

The dinner will take place on 28 March 2015, provisionally at the Boston and County Club though with Richard proposing the toast to The School, the demand for tickets is expected to be high, so we may outgrow the venue, a problem which, according to Peter Sharman, current President of the Old Bostonian Association, would be “nice to have”.

There are a lot of details still to be sorted out but it is not too early to express your interest in ticket(s) to president@bostonian.org.uk. More details will be made available on the official OBA diary as they become available.

You do not need to be a member of the Old Bostonian Association to come along. If you are a former student of Boston Grammar School or a current or former member of staff, you are entitled to apply for up to two tickets (one for yourself and optionally one for a non-qualifying guest). The price of tickets has not been set at the time of writing but as a rough indication tickets to the 2014 event were £20.00.

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