Marcus Horry – aiming to shoot for Britain

Marcus Horry receiving the national Cadet Clay Target award
from Brigadier M J Wharmby

Marcus Horry is a sixth form student at BGS. He is also a Flight Sergeant in the 141 Boston Air Cadets, which he joined in 2011.

In June 2013 he was asked to shoot with Boston Air Cadets in the National Cadet Clay Target Shooting Championship, where the best cadets from all over the UK competed. To prepare for his first competitive shoot, Marcus’ coach at cadets gave him four weekends’ training prior to the competition. The three-day competition saw Marcus beat all 175 cadets with the highest combined score of 54. This was a particularly impressive result considering that many of the other competitors had years of experience shooting clay pigeons.

After the competition, Marcus continued to shoot with the air cadets. During these shoots the coach suggested taking training to the next level and she introduced Marcus to the England Olympic shooting coach, John Bellamy in February 2014. After a trial lesson at Goole, John was impressed by Marcus’ shooting.

John helped him pick the right gun which, with the help of his family, Marcus has finally managed to buy. Marcus tries to pay for his training by working part-time at weekends but the costs of training and cartridges are considerable.

His coach believes that Marcus would benefit from taking part in competitions most Sundays at shooting grounds around England. Marcus asked the Old Bostonian Association for help and we now have the pleasure of offering him monthly payments throughout 2015 in the hope that it helps him to pursue his sport to the level he wishes. In return, Marcus will write regular reports which will appear here, on the OBA blog. The Association also hopes to benefit from increased exposure as Marcus’ shooting career gains momentum.

If you may be able to offer Marcus further financial help, please contact in the first instance and we will put him in touch with you.

It is a long term goal of the Old Bostonian Association to support students of Boston Grammar School in a range of endeavours and it invites them to submit a proposal document which will be considered by the committee. Marcus Horry is the first to benefit from this policy; we hope he is not the last.

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