OBA Quiz Night 2015

Urban Bunny (old boys)

The Old Bostonian Association Quiz Night, 2015 took place on 25 February at the Boston and

County Club. The quiz-master was Richard Anderson and the scores were as follows.

Buzzer and light finale

Place Team Score
1 3 Cammack generations plus Dan 44
2 Urban bunny (BGS old boys) 32
3 Cammack generations plus Dan

Main quiz results

Place Team Score %
1 Urban bunny (old boys) 89
2 3 Cammack generations plus Dan 83
3 Return of porky beef (old boys) 79
4 Only ones that would come (BGS team) 65
5 Quizrag (recent old boys) 62
6 Haven’t a clue (old girls) 61
7 Green sprouts (old boys) 52
8 Spring chickens (old girls) 42
9 Klever klogs (best name!) 39

Thanks go to Richard Anderson for providing the scores, to Howard Charlton for the photos and to everyone who took part for… er… taking part!

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