Regional Shooting Development Programme – Marcus Horry

BGS student, Marcus Horry posted today on Facebook that he was “Really happy to be invited to the regional shooting development programme!”

It is part of the British Shooting and UK Sport initiative, Target Tokyo. The initiative was launched, in partnership with the CPSA, to identify, recruit and develop talented shooters from all disciplines of shooting.

Following three phases of assessment, British Shooting coaches and the UK Sport Talent Team have collated data and made observations to understand where best to place each athlete on the Talent Pathway. Accordingly, athletes will be invited to take part in one of the following levels of the Pathway:

  • Remaining in home environment to develop basic competencies
  • British Shooting Regional Development Programme
  • GB Talent Programme

The regional development programme, for which Marcus has been chosen, aims to provide a learning opportunity to equip those chosen for it with the skills necessary to progress along the Pathway and continue their journey to become World-class performers. The programme of learning will also include sports science, tactical training and lifestyle awareness.

The programme will consist of 15 days’ training at Beverley Clay Target Centre for DTR athletes and Nuthampstead Shooting Ground for OSK and OTR athletes. Each athlete will be given individual coaching and the opportunity to shoot up to 5 rounds on each training day. In addition, athletes will be introduced to sports science to help technical and psychological development. Athletes are asked for a personal contribution of £450.00 for the programme, which represents excellent value at £30.00 per session.

British Shooting is committed to developing and supporting talented athletes. You will have an individual development programme and every aspect of your shooting will be monitored and assessed over the next 6 months. At this point on the Pathway the key objective is to find shooters who are passionate, committed and engaged in their own development; British Shooting wants athletes who are hungry for development. The programme will be reviewed in October and athletes who have demonstrated significant progression and engagement will be considered for the GB Development or Academy Programmes.

Marcus has secured sponsorship from the old Bostonian Association and others which goes some way to supporting his training, equipment and travel. Some money also comes from his part-time job. Welcome though this opportunity to join the Regional Development Programme is, it represents a further expenditure of £450 and he needs to save up before he can confirm his attendance. He urgently needs further financial support, so if you or your business is able to help, please contact Marcus or show your support straight away on his gofundme page.

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