Margaret Haworth – RIP

Margaret Haworth, the widow of Lt Col Norman Owen Haworth (BGS Staff 1955-78), died on the morning of 13 July 2015.

In 1978/9 Margaret was the first lady Mayor of the Borough of Boston. Norman, who taught mathematics at Boston Grammar School and was responsible for the CCF (Combined Cadet Force) at the school, was her consort.

Norman died in 1978.

The following account about Margaret Haworth appeared in the Boston Target in February 2015:

The front page story from October 28, 1983 on the Lincolnshire Echo carried the headline: Women’s Lib Battle on the Council. And by 21st century standards, the introductory paragraph underneath – Petticoat power is making itself felt in Boston borough council chamber – was even more quaint. 

The story went on to explain how seven councillors – three Conservatives and four Independents – had formed a support group to “make sure they receive a fair hearing on the male-dominated council”.

The campaign was led by Cllr Margaret Haworth, Boston’s first female mayor, who said at the time the group’s focus was environmental and housing issues surrounding council estates. 

She told the Echo’s George Wheatman, who left to become the Target’s first editor months later, that it was particularly important for new women councillors to get their facts straight in meetings or they would risk being treated as figures of fun. 

She added: ‘There is no doubt that it is a man’s world – there is no equality. 

“We may not have the same views, but we will not let any of our group be trampled on by the men. 

“You do not have to throw your bra away to be liberated. We are fighting for equality but it will be a long time before it comes. It is so easy for men.”

The full Boston Target article can be found here.

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