OBA sponsorship for Tyler Atkin

The Old Bostonian Association is pleased to be able to sponsor Tyler Atkin, a student of Boston Grammar School, who has qualified for a place on the England team at the WFMC world amateur kickboxing championships to be held in Germany in October 2015. The OBA has helped him towards his goal to raise £699 required to send him to the championships.

My name is Tyler James Atkin, I am 12 years old and currently a year 7 Boston Grammar school student. As you probably know kickboxing is my hobby and has been since I was four years old! The gym I attend is pride UK and is located in Broadfield Lane industrial estate. Through my eight years of kickboxing I have achieved many ranks, and right now I am a second degree black belt which I worked very hard for and managed to achieve earlier this year.

Over the years I have participated in many competitions and have collected lots of trophies. This year though is particularly special to me because at the beginning of the year I competed at an event called the WFMC British championships and placed first in a category called K1. Because of this I was invited to be a part of team England and compete in the WFMC world amateur championships in Hagen Germany between the 14th-19th October later this year. As you can imagine to have an opportunity like that after so many years of dedication, hard work and training, was one I was thrilled about and so grateful to have. 

In order to make my trip possible I have been fundraising, and once again would like to thank you for your big donation! Boston Grammar school have also been so kind to donate £50 towards my trip and my form tutor has a shrapnel jar to help towards my target too.

I am lucky to have a kickboxing instructor who is dedicated to helping me and his other students to succeed. So far my training regime has consisted of two kickboxing sessions a week, one circuit training session, one black belt club training plus sparring sessions. I have also been using the treadmill and spin cycle at home. And squad sessions are arranged for team England to train together. I am very fortunate as school has also been very supportive and has offered to let me train during my lunch time if I wish to do so.

In return for the sponsorship the Old Bostonian Association has asked Tyler to keep up posted of his progress, so I hope to be reporting again on him in the not too distant future.

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