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New Old Bostonian Store

The new place for the Old Bostonian Store is here. If you follow the store you will see posts from time-to-time which refer to products by old bostonians or of particular interest to old bostonians.

You can also find the store by clicking on the “Store” link, either on this blog or on the main Old Bostonian Association website.

Purchases you make from the store may result in a small amount being paid back to the the Old Bostonian Association which uses its funds principally to support Boston Grammar School and its students.

Why a new store?

For some time we have run an Amazon aStore. While our aStore is still available, Amazon has discontinued the aStore concept and no new products can be added to it.
The new store has the light-hearted title of Not The Tuck Shop: a reference to various incarnations of the break-time sweet shop at or near Boston Grammar School.
Many of the products will be made available to buy through Amazon links. If you click through to Amazon to buy the product, the OBA may receive a small return from your purchase just as it previously did when you purchased through the aStore. This new store is more flexible though in that we can celebrate and make available products which cannot be purchased through Amazon.

Can you sell my product?

If you have been involved in the creation of a product and you are an “old bostonian” then we may be able to add your product to the Old Bostonian Store. When considering whether to add a product to the store we may use the following criteria:
  • You are an “old bostonian” in the widest sense; that is, you are a current or former student or staff member of Boston Grammar School: a selective secondary school in Boston, Lincolnshire, England, and not any other school of a similar name. In exceptional cases we may consider products not produced by an old bostonian, but the product would have to be of very special significance to old bostonians.
  • Your product will probably, though not necessarily, be creative, e.g. book, film, music.
  • Your product is available to buy from or a scheme by which the Old Bostonian store can receive a return on sales made through the store can be set up. Even if no such scheme is possible, items of special interest to old bostonians may be included.
The aims of the store in order of importance are:

  1. To present products to visiting old bostonians which will be of interest to them, either in their subject matter or in the knowledge that they are produced by a fellow old bostonian.
  2. To promote the products of old bostonians to old bostonians and to other visitors to the store.
  3. To produce a monetary return for the Old Bostonian Association.

There is no intention to turn the store into an advertising platform for general products and this will not be allowed to happen.

    If you have a product you would like to be considered for inclusion in the store, please email with details.

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