Boston Grammar School Head of Science to serve on national committee

Boston Grammar school’s Head of Science, Emma Winter, has been awarded Chartered Science Teacher status in recognition of her commitment and contribution to Science education and has landed a key appointment to serve as a member of the Association for Science Education’s 11-19 Committee.
Emma says ‘I am delighted to have been awarded CSciTeach, I have been a member of the ASE for a long time and have enjoyed the opportunities it allows to work collaboratively with others to develop as a teacher.’

The Committee advises and supports teachers in secondary schools on a large range of topics and is interested in all aspects of the science curriculum. Emma views being co-opted onto the national board for the subject as ‘an opportunity to give something back to science education and bring cutting edge science education developments to the students at BGS.’

Emma says ‘There is a huge demand for science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers. I believe the skills the students develop to read things objectively and to make their own judgements based on the evidence available is important. At BGS we promote transferrable skills across subjects often with the science subjects being pivotal to this. The science community works best when it works together and it starts with science education.’

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