Alumni Cross-Country Event 2017

Alumni Cross-Country Event 2017

There has been some discussion about a possible Cross Country running  /jogging / walking event involving alumni of Boston Grammar School. Originally it was suggested it might happen in the summer of 2016 but due to lack of motivation / effort / commitment it did not happen. Discussion has recently restarted and there seems to be some enthusiasm to get something organised in 2017.

If you are interested in taking part in the event, please read the rest of this article, then fill in our simple questionnaire to register your interest.

“The Dip”, now a model boat marina
and not navigable by runners

Here are some random thoughts that have been expressed:

  • Base the course on the 1980s BGS senior cross country course, which was 3.5 miles, mainly on the drain and river banks, though it may be slightly shorter
  • Hold the event on 25 March 2017, since this is also the date of the Old Bostonian Association Annual Dinner, and visitors to Boston could combine both events. The weather is likely to be cool, which some consider more appropriate for running
  • Hold the event in the summer June / July 2017 since the weather will be warmer, and it gives longer for those taking part to prepare / train
  • BGS old boy, Pete Rochford, is now in charge at The Napoleon pub (“The Nap”) on Fishtoft Road. This could be a congregation point before the run, and Pete would be happy for those taking part to use the pub for food and drink afterwards
  • While it may be possible to arrange for marshalls to help the smooth running of the event, it must be stipulated that each person taking part is responsible for his or her own safety, e.g. crossing the road at Mount Bridge. The organisers and marshalls are not responsible for any loss or injury incurred (this will of course be officially stated at a later date)
  • The organisers reserve the right to place a limit on the number of people taking part in the event in order to avoid issues of safety or public order (or perceived issues thereof)

Here is a first suggestion of a route. Sorry about the quality of the map. An improved map will be produced as things progress. The route shown, according to the route app I have on my phone (I walked the route in March 2016), is 3.10 miles.

The turning point at the south eastern tip of the route is marked by a bench, shown in this photograph.
A suggested route The turning point

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