Lance Cooper – an obituary

Lance Cooper – an obituary

Obituary written and photo supplied by Barrie Cooper.


Lance left Boston Grammar School in 1954 , having chosen a career in the RAF.

Graduating as as an electronics engineer, he retired aged 39 from the Service, and with his Family ,emigrated as a 10 Pound pommie , to Western Australia, where he built a business in microwave servicing in the commercial quarter.

At the age of 66, he retired to lead a leasurely lifestyle in playing golf, and travelling Australia and other parts of the world. He lost his wife, Linda, to Cancer, and dedicated much of his home periods as a volunteer for medical services in  Mandurah , his home town.

He suffered periods of Leukemia over 15 years, having remissions twice but, this time, losing his battle in January Of this year.

He leaves a son David living in NSW, a daughter Tracey, and 2 granddaughters locally . In the UK , I and my sister Susan are the remaining Cooper family. Lance always had Boston close to his heart and never lost his Lincolnshire accent!

At age 78 , we will remember him as a loving brother with a big heart for all his many friends and extended family across the world

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