Obituary – Adam Warne

Obituary – Adam Warne

Andy Sandall posted a moving tribute to Adam on  Facebook:

“I feel stunned beyond belief that Adam Warne aka Rhythmic Ginger passed away today. I don’t where where my life would have gone without having met him, but nobody encouraged me to pursue my love of music and guitar more than him. We bonded as 13yr olds over Art of Noise albums and it’s fitting that the last conversation we had, 32 years later, was about their reformation and our memories of them.

I don’t think I could even count the amount of times we made music together, but he was there right from the beginning and was the one who pushed for me to be given the bass spot in Vehicle Derek and I never looked back. His drumming was what set us apart and took us to places teenage punk bands from the Fens weren’t supposed to be able to get to. We were inseparable as a rhythm section for a few years, be it playing in his mum’s Country/60s band or the BGS Jazz Band, or just messing around at his house, and we got to revisit the follies of our teenage years again in the late 90s when we finally recorded that Vehicle Derek album we’d promised 10 years earlier. Of course he was the one that did make his livelihood in music because he was always the standout in our bands.

Going to miss him so much as he was ‘my’ drummer the way nobody else ever could be, and we must have put thousands of miles on my cars as we pursued our musical adventures together, whether it was loading his drums in the back of my tiny car for a gig, or driving up and down to country to see Nomeansno, Fugazi, Jane’s Addiction, RHCP, Primus, Nirvana, and so many others in the late 80s and early 90s.

I’ll miss you Adam and thanks for everything. The photo shows him as I’ll always remember him – behind his kit as I stood in front of my amp.”

The following is from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance:

“Today we received the very sad news that Adam Warne, a wonderful, much loved percussionist at Northern School of Contemporary Dance has passed away after a short illness.

An extremely talented musician, we were very lucky to have Adam and his music at NSCD and grateful that he also loved working at the School. The sensitivity and creativity in his music making was inspirational.  He inspired our teachers and our students to draw out their best and supported the learning process for everyone.

Adam was kind, thoughtful and generous. He spread a calm, positive energy around him. We are all the richer for knowing Adam and for his radiant presence and music in the School.

He was loved by all and will be sadly missed.

– Janet Smith, NSCD Principal”

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