Alec William Houlden 1942-47

Alec William Houlden was born 20th February 1931 and died on the 7th January 2017. He was 85.

After leaving BGS in 1947 with his Cambridge School Certificates, he went on to a lifelong career in Banking, beginning with his first job in Lincoln.

He was forced to take a two year break in order to complete compulsory national service, working in the RAF.

After his service he went back into banking and was promoted to a role at Scunthorpe, then a booming steel producing town.

Sadly, whilst being eyed up for management at Grimsby, he had a heart attack and had to take a year out of work to recover.

When he returned he was given the job of assistant manager at the Skegness branch of Lloyds and there he worked until his retirement in the 90’s.

He never married, nor had children.

He was described as ‘a careful man who liked things to add up.’







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