We are everywhere…

Not wishing to seem ominous in any way but we have alumni all over the world.

The LinkedIn alumni function (Click here – not the group we have) shows this very well.

With such a magnificent education, comes magnanimous opportunity and mandated responsibility. Your old school song was all about lighting a fire under future generations.

Whether you felt that you had a good time of it or no at the school it is a huge part of who you are and the weight of history and tradition urge you to consider what you can give back.

That said…

We offer grants!

We try to keep a running balance of a few year’s expenditure in the bank (being a small community organisation this is only a few thousand pounds) and like to spend as much as possible.

Over the past few years we have sponsored the junior kickboxing European champion, one of our old boys who was trying to get into the clay pigeon team for Rio, bought a new piano for the school hall and bought some technical equipment for an old boy who was attending RADA – one of the most prestigious and also expensive universities to attend.

We would, obviously, love to do more of this and if you want to apply for a grant please get in touch with us via

We have issued grants over a thousand pound in a single lump sum and a issued small income grants to support. Whatever works for you and is within our budget we’d be happy to consider. We are primarily here to support fellow alumni into their adventures in life.

We take donations!

The flip-side to this is that we take donations. Some alumni give their time to arrange fundraisers, some alumni give their time for a whole variety of tasks (that you can find under the volunteer tab). This is hugely appreciated.

Some alumni set up a small direct debit of £5 or £10 a year. Of our 400 current, regular, donors we receive around £3,000 a year.

You could always set up a legacy in your will to us if you wish to support fellow alumni or to the Boston Grammar School Foundation if you wish to support the school proper. Get in touch with if you wish to discuss these options. Suffice it to say, gifts to charity are tax-free and may reduce the value of your estate subject to inheritance tax.

Voluntary Committee

President : Daniel Elkington ’03

Vice President: Robert Barclay ’03

Secretary: Harry Parkhill

Committee Members:

Head of School ex officio: John McHenry

Richard Anderson

Mark Bruntlett

Simon Meeds

Peter Sharman (Past president)

Colin Clarke

Gus Goor


Constitutional Documentation:

Our Constitution and minutes of committee meetings can be found HERE